I’m a pale brunette with dark green eyes. Any suggestions for eyeshadow colours?

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Hey all. I’m getting more into make-up after years of not bothering. I’d like some eyeshadow in my life, but I’m not sure what colours to try and of course there are no testers any more. My plan is to buy some cheap palettes so I can play around and hopefully find what works for me, but I’d love some idea and pointers on what I might look for.

I have pale skin with pink undertones (I wear Mac Studio Fix foundation in NW10 if that helps), dark brown hair and dark green eyes. With clothes, colours I feel good in are black, white, plum and most blues and greens – and I look terrible in brown, orange or yellow.

I’ve tried searching for advice articles but I just find tips that don’t work for me at all. I keep finding advice to wear brown mascara and brown eyeliner as they will supposedly suit me better than black, when they really really don’t, or to wear eyeshadow colours like peach or brown, which just make me look ill.

So I thought I would ask you lovely folk if you have any ideas. Thank you!


Submitted October 06, 2020 at 04:04PM by doodlemint
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