Please don’t let Jaclyn Hill fool you with her essential oil crap.

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She posted today (and many other times) about how essential oils are aMaZiNg. Today was about how she was having really bad period cramps and "no amount of pharmacy medication would work" and all she did was rub some fucking essential oils on her stomach and wow her cramps are magically fucking gone. It's absolute fucking horseshit.

I like essential oils for making my room smell like a flowers shit but do not ever think they should be used for medication purposes. Jaclyn Hill is a fucking idiot and no smarter than those bored stay at home Facebook Mom pyramid scheme anti vaxers who convince others that over the counter medication is terrible for you and that you should invest in their bullshit essential oil business for all your health needs.

Garbage. This really made me hate her even more. Urg. Take a Tylenol and shut the fuck up.


Submitted September 29, 2020 at 12:29PM by Skys3nberg
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