[Question] What is the best eyelash curler for straight eyelashes?

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I'm looking for a new eyelash curler, but want a really good one. I'd prefer not to use a heated one. My eyelashes will hold somewhat of a curl after mascara, but they do lean straight. My current one pinches my eyelid and bends my lashes awkwardly rather than curls them. My eyes are somewhat prominent with quite a bit of lid space (similar to 90's Fiona Apple shape or Mila Kunis's eye shape if this helps.) I'd love to curl them well so I can kind of fan them out when I apply makeup to elongate my eye shape and make them look a bit more almond like. I'd love recommendations! Thank you all!


Submitted September 22, 2020 at 02:37PM by Heywhaddupitsyagurl
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