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We are continuing to update holy grail lists! This one is the best products for oily skin!

This category with be different because you can comment whatever price range (drugstore, midrange, highend) just comment the best of the best product for oily skin under the correct category.

The categories are limited to just certain products that would be effected by oily skin.

Comment and upvote away!

How To:

  • We will post product types as parent comments
  • Name your favorite product in a comment underneath each category/parent comment
  • Only one product per comment
  • Do not put multiple products in the same comment
  • Check to make sure no one has posted that product already in that category
  • Upvote your favorite products

Also continue to go back to the Drugstore, Midrange and Highend Threads to upvote your favorite products. The comments are locked but you can still continue to upvote!

Drugstore: https://www.reddit.com/r/MakeupAddiction/comments/hyxxrg/drugstore_holy_grail_master_list_2020/



High end



Submitted September 07, 2020 at 07:53AM by JackieRose29
via reddit

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