The problem with Euphoria look recreations

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So whenever any makeup enthusiasts recreate euphoria makeup looks, 99% fail to recreate the same vibe. And simply put its becuase the makeup is too good. Euphoria makeup is supposed to look raw, unedited, and that’s how the makeup artist, Doni Davy intended. She herself has said multiple times that perfection is the opposite of what she was aiming for, so smudged glitter, liquid shadows that budge, undone brows are all hallmarks of Euphoria makeup. Putting huge lashes and concealer covered brows makes the makeup look artificial and “perfect” (although I’m not saying that you can’t interpret the looks in your own style. If you look at the pictures of makeup, Maddies eyebrows are barely done, simply brushed up with brow gel, with no falsies. Personally I believe Euphoria is rebelling against the standard of full coverage foundation and lashes which has been shoved down our throats ever since the rise of beauty you tubers. Again the looks can be interpreted in your way, but if you’re wondering why your recreation doesn’t have the same qualities as the original this is probably why.


Submitted September 15, 2020 at 11:27PM by lilshartythebaddest
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