Looking for my ultimate boring bitch pallete

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I love my ABH Soft Glam but I only find myself reaching for tempera, dusty rose, Cyprus umber, noir, sometimes the other brown ones, and if I am going crazy I use a bit of glistening.

I have blue eyes, fair neutral skin with pink in it, and dark blonde hair. My eyes are deep set and a bit hooded with very little space between my eyes and brows. The eye phi-method is what fits my eyes the best, shimmers are mostly just a waste. I have enough for the seldom occasion I want it.

I am looking for my perfect palette. Neutral, not to warm or not too cold. It must include a selection of brown shades(from transition to very dark), an inner corner highlight and hopefully a great black shade. The black isn’t necessarily a must, the noir shade in ABH is amazing. I primarily want a smaller palette (4-6 shades).

I can’t seem to find any palettes as boring as my future eyeshadow looks, so I need your help. Do you have any suggestions I should check out? I’ve been interested in trying Inglot or Makeup Geek. Tried Inglot 5 years ago, and I didn’t really love their shadows then, but things may have changed.


Submitted September 08, 2020 at 03:09PM by Meathilda
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