What even is the point of watching major YT beauty gurus nowadays when they all use beauty filters?

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This is going to sound a bit rant-y, but it's something that has been bugging me for quite a while now.

Nowadays, most of the top beauty gurus and MUAs on youtube use skin blurring filters, bump the saturation of their videos, and create insane lighting environments that in no way replicate real-world situations. The use of filters is so widespread that I had no idea they were even being used until I came across Wayne Goss' video about it and had my mind blown.

It's misleading and nowadays product reviews are pretty much useless because of these filters. How the hell am I supposed to compare your filtered, poreless, application of a foundation? All you can see is the dang filter and it in no way represents how the actual product performs!

Similarly, when you're evaluating pigments in products, how are you supposed to believe their videos when they all have the saturation turned up to 100?

The use of filters is also insidious because I see comments from younger kids on their videos saying, 'oh my foundation never looks as good as yours, I could never be on your level/become a MUA.' When the results are due to a filter, not their application and the result has very little bearing on their actual skill level.


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