Advice on perfume free makeup brands for skin condition

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Hi! I recently got diagnosed with perioral dermatitis by my dermatologist. I started treatment with some creams (Elidel) first to see how that works and if it doesn’t we’ll move on to antibiotics etc. For who doesn’t know, the condition causes a lot of redness and bumps around my mouth area which looks really unflattering and is really obvious because the rest of my face is fairly clear. I’ve been advised to pretty much stop wearing makeup mostly but I would still like some advice on makeup brands that are perfume free and will be putting as little strain on my skin as possible (minimal ingredients and little irritants).

I’m planning on not wearing makeup at all but I have one occasion coming up where I wouldn’t feel comfortable not applying any makeup on there (for the record I will literally only be wearing makeup ONCE during my treatment process but to prevent the dermatitis from flaring up again I would need some advice on these products in general for after treatment). I’m mainly looking for a concealer (I don’t really wear foundation but I would only spot conceal on the affected areas and my undereyes before). I’m Europe based so any products available in Europe would be amazing!


Submitted August 26, 2020 at 03:09AM by AlensiaEvangeline
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