I’m tired of celebrities constantly pushing their makeup lines on fans.

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I want to preface this by saying I love makeup, but the sheer volume of celebrity makeup lines is astounding.

Within the last year and a half I've felt completely overwhelmed with celebrity beauty lines. It feels like there is a new one announced every other week. Every time I'm on social media I'm being pushed to buy their products.

I didn't follow Lady Gaga because I want to see her advertise her new eyeshadow palette or lipsticks. I followed her because I like her music. Same with Rihanna and Kesha.

I think it's unfair to fans to push product on fans all the time. Like yeah, it's good for marketing but it really shows how the celebrity sees their fan base as a target demographic and less as a community.

I'm not saying all celebrities with makeup brands do this, but it seems worse since there are more companies popping up all the time.

Okay, rant over.

Here are just a few standalone companies owned by celebrities (these scratch the surface considering there are no collabs listed):

Kat Von D has Kat Von D Beauty

Rihanna has Fenty

Kylie Jenner has Kylie Cosmetics

Kim Kardashian has KKW Beauty

Drew Barrymore has Flower Beauty

Kesha has Kesha Rose Beauty

Lady Gaga has Haus Labs

Selena Gomez is coming out with Rare Beauty

Millie Bobbie Brown has Florence by Mills


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