Pixi’s NaturelleLip is a total dupe for Glossier’s Gen G lipstick

<img src="

I picked it up on a whim today in the shade ‘Nectar’ and holy cow. It may very well be the first lipstick to check off all my boxes. It stays on well, has a blotted lipstick look, doesn’t dry my lips out, feels like there’s nothing there, and the color is beautiful.

The only other lipstick that has come close to this for me is Glossier’s Generation G, and even then Gen G was too drying and the packaging is very poorly made. Not to mention that I don’t like the product itself anymore after Glossier reformulated them.

However! I was very pleasantly surprised that the NaturelleLip shade I picked out is damn near exactly what Gen G’s ‘Cake’ shade was pre-reformulation.

I don’t come to this subreddit very often but I was very excited about this find and thought I’d share for anyone who may be interested :))


Submitted May 12, 2020 at 02:33PM by vaistau
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