Major Community Updates! Please Read!

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Hello everyone! We have some major changes to the sub to tell you about! We hope you’ll find them as exciting as we do! Now buckle up, because this is a doozy of a long announcement.

Over the last decade we’ve restricted a lot of kinds of content from this sub for the purpose of keeping it true to its purpose and informative. However, this sub has grown so big (1.9 million subscribers, wow!), and the way the beauty community shares info has really changed in that time. So we want to give a few things a try in order to make things a little more fun here, and increase the diversity of content!

Major Weekly Schedule Update

  • The biggest change will be the introduction of Watch it Wednesday, a day when you are finally allowed to post more than just still imagery. That’s right, we’re coming out of the 19th Century! Historically we have completely banned videos, be they boomerangs or in-depth product reviews, but on Wednesdays that is no longer the case. We will now be allowing users to post Reddit-hosted video versions of their face of the day on Wednesdays. Additionally, we are opening up the opportunity for you to share tutorials, reviews, news, and all that other great content shared by your favorite youtubers. So once a week, have at it! Please remember that our self-promo rules will still apply. Do not post your own youtube channel to increase viewership and subscriptions. It will be removed. The purpose of allowing YouTube videos iis so we can share other people’s content that we have already watched and determined to be quality and worth discussing and sharing.

We will be monitoring the way the community receives Watch it Wednesday. If we find that the sub rejects the video posts and doesn’t want to see them here, we may reevaluate the new policy. Keep in mind we’ll mostly be looking at how those posts perform rather than asking for people to give direct feedback about whether they like or dislike the idea. So if you don’t like the idea, try to just wait a little while and let us see how it goes. If you do want to send us feedback, on this change, please send us a modmail about it instead of making a meta post: link

  • The second biggest change will be the introduction of Friday Faves and fails. Moving forward, all posts made on Fridays must be related to makeup products. Like Text Tuesday, this means making Face of the Day posts is not allowed. Unlike Text Tuesday, you can still post images. However, the images must be pictures of products or swatches. We want these days to specifically focus on talking about products. Do you really like the packaging of a product? Post a picture of it! Did you try a new foundation you hate? Let us know! Want to share your haul from your most recent Sephora trip? Do it! Please note that Rule 8 will be relaxed during Friday Faves, meaning that product swatches/reviews are not required for haul posts. We will still require product lists.

More minor changes:

So the full weekly schedule for the sub moving forward will be:

  • Monday Meet & Greet
  • Text Tuesday
  • Watch it Wednesday
  • Thursday is the new contest theme announcement
  • Friday Faves
  • Shit Post Saturday
  • Sunday has nothing special to do because mods deserve a day off too

To be clear, this means that you cannot post Face of the Day posts on Tuesdays or Fridays.

We know that these are MAJOR community changes and that for some users, this is taking the sub in the opposite direction they would like to see. To those users, we apologize, but at almost 2 million people we just can’t please everyone. At this point there are lots of makeup subreddits that cater to all sorts of audience preferences, so if you want to stop using this subreddit, we hope you can find a sub that’s the right fit for you! We’ll miss you!

Please welcome to the team some new mods!

Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the comments, guys!

Additionally, we are announcing the first graduate from our Starred Users program (quality content contributors whom we turn to for discussing sub culture and issues) to a special new type of mod team we hope to build up:

Editing Detection Team

This is a program we will be opening up soon, where we will be vetting a user’s ability to detect whether an image is edited, and how. We will only be accepting people to this program who are really, really good at detecting editing. But keep a lookout in the future for a post explaining how to apply!

Applicants who pass our test will be added to our mod team with zero mod permissions, which means that they cannot perform moderation actions, but the mod team can see their username alongside their report if they report a post to us. We think this is a great way to ask our most knowledgeable users for their help and expertise, without pressuring them to take on more duties than they are willing to.

This idea came about because of how seriously awesome one of our Starred Users is at detecting editing, so she is our first inductee to the program:

She’s planning on running a post series here that teaches people what to look for in a picture, so if you want to apply but need to improve your skills, keep an eye out for her posts! It will also give you an idea of the kind of knowledge base we are looking for.

PHEW That was a long update! We’ll open up the comments for questions and discussion about all this news, just please keep things civil 🙂


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