Doing my own makeup for my wedding – and recommendations or application tips? (x-post from r/wedding)

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(X-post from r/wedding)

Our original wedding date was 4/4. We had everything in place, including a makeup artist. We got our marriage license and a few days later a shelter in place for coronavirus was announce in our area. Thus, we have decided we’re going to get married as early as possible once it’s safe to do so. In lieu of a MUA/to help with social distancing, I’m looking into ordering some makeup products so I can spend quarantine testing them out and do my own makeup day of. Please bear with me, I’m not SUPER knowledgeable in makeup lol. If there’s any companies that are paying employees to stay home/who are not working during this time, I prefer to support those.

About me:

-Oily t-zone and EXTREMELY oily eyelids, normal everything else. I occasionally get dry, flaky skin on the edge of my nose and eyebrows. Large pores on my nose that look like a strawberry lol. Not super prone to acne, but if a product is too greasy, I will get pimples.

-My skin reacts negatively to coconut and almond based products.

-I very very rarely wear makeup. When I DO wear makeup, I usually only do lipstick and eyeshadow. Occasionally eyeliner.

-Trying go go for a VERY lowkey, natural look. Maybe just some diffused/matte eyes and a foundation/primer product that doesn’t make me look like a greasy hamburger.

Here’s some products I already have:

-ABH dipbrow gel

-Stila Stay All Day Matte Lipstick (various shades)

-Too Faced eyeshadow palette (some of the shades have pretty bad fallout, so I’m open to a new purchase)

-Ardell magnetic lashes

-Eyeliner: Stila Stay All Day and Fenty Flyliner

Thanks in advance 🙂


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