Daily Discussion and Simple Questions: Why can’t I post a link/photo post? It’s Text Tuesday.

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Use this thread to talk about life, the universe, and everything.

Discussions need not stay on-topic. Make some friends! Tell us how your life is going.

We also ask that simple or beginner's questions get posted here. Want to figure out your undertone? Want advice on what makeup works on your face or with your eye shape? Trying to pick a gift for your SO? This is the place to ask.

This thread is set to contest mode so that everybody's comments have an equal chance of generating discussion.

About Text Tuesday

Text Tuesday is an event that takes place once a week on MUA. Every Tuesday, the option to submit a link post is removed and users can submit text posts only.


What is the point of Text Tuesday?

Text Tuesday is designed to foster discussion on MUA and give text posts one day of the week to shine. Because of the way Reddit is structured, link posts normally dominate the front page. Restricting link posts for one day allows people to focus on discussion and have great conversations about makeup!

Am I still allowed to post a photo/FOTD (Face of the Day) on Tuesday?

Yes, but it needs to be in the body of a text post. For the best results we suggest waiting until the next day to post a photo, but it's not against the rules to post a photo.

Why are photos still allowed in the body of a text post on Tuesday? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

The point of Text Tuesday is to allow text posts and discussions to shine, not to completely eliminate photos. We recognize that makeup is a visual medium and that some people still want to see photos on Tuesday, and that some people may need to get feedback on a look. As a compromise, photos are allowed in the body of a text post. This still allows discussions to fill the front page instead of being overshadowed.

I see a link post, but it's Tuesday! Should I report it? Is Text Tuesday cancelled? What's going on?

Text Tuesday begins when the mod team turns off the option to submit a link post (you'll see the button disappear). The mod team must do this manually through the subreddit settings– it cannot be automated. As such, sometimes Text Tuesday will start a little late because a mod forgot to change the settings. Please do not report link posts saying "Text Tuesday" if this happens! Text Tuesday is not cancelled in these cases and we'd never take away Text Tuesday without posting an announcement on the subreddit.

Interested in becoming a mod with MUA? Feel free to submit an application here.


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