Daily Discussion and Simple Questions: Selfie Sunday!

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Use this thread to talk about life, the universe, and everything.

Discussions need not stay on-topic. Make some friends! Tell us how your life is going.

We also ask that simple or beginner's questions get posted here. Want to figure out your undertone? Want advice on what makeup works on your face or with your eye shape? Trying to pick a gift for your SO? This is the place to ask.

This thread is set to contest mode so that everybody's comments have an equal chance of generating discussion.

Welcome to Selfie Sunday!

You can post as many FOTDs as you want in this thread today. No rules. It’s the Wild West of selfies. The only rule is that there’s no linking to your social media accounts and that’s it (watermarking is fine). Product lists are optional but highly encouraged.

Rule 1 still applies because it’s nice to be nice:

Be nice – Name calling, even in response to inflammatory users, is not allowed. Racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, etc remarks will not be tolerated and result in an immediate ban. We encourage people to report so we can deal with it. Please do not feed the trolls If prohibited behavior continues, you will be banned for 48 hours. Continued attempts will result in a permanent ban.

Interested in becoming a mod with MUA? Feel free to submit an application here.


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