A couple of questions about Marshall’s/TJ Maxx

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I live in a small town.I know my local Walgreens doesn’t carry certain brands cuz they’re considered expensive for the area.They don’t sell well.I live an hour away from a town with Marshall’s,TJ Maxx,Target etc.

Do you have to go to a very large city to find certain names at TJ Maxx? Do they pull discontinued makeup from local stores? I manage to get to TJ Maxx about once a month.I never see anything that you couldn’t buy at a drugstore or Target.

I bought jeffree Star and now I think I can’t have cheap makeup anymore lol! I have seen these YouTube videos about discount stores.I’m thinking about planning a trip 2 hours away to try out another TJ Maxx in a town that has a Sephora.

Thanks for any help or advice!


Submitted February 25, 2020 at 04:58PM by throwaway7788889
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