MakeupAddiction 9th Birthday Competition Thread! Today’s theme: Pride!

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Post your competition looks in this thread! Today's theme is: Pride!

We encourage you to make image posts to the sub with your looks, too (please flair them with the theme) but you're only officially entered if you post here.

Mods will award winners tomorrow.

Complete schedule of competitions:

  • July 9th: Carnival/Circus! Let’s get some wacky party looks going! Be a sad clown! Tap into your inner bearded lady! Drink too many beers and show us your morning-after-mardi-gras! (Textpost Tuesday will be suspended for the celebration)

  • July 10th: Pride! Show us something you’re proud of! Are you LGBT and proud? Do you have impeccable blending skills? Can you contour like no other? Are your wings sharp enough to cut? Show something off!

  • July 11th: Mystical Creatures! We know you all still have those high glitter products from the unicorn and mermaid explosions. But don’t forget about nymphs, centaurs, angels, vampires, demons, werewolves, glittery vampires, dragons, elves, and jackalopes!

  • July 12th: Retro! Still have that classic 90’s brown lipstick? Want to make yourself look like Twiggy? Doll yourself up like the Troops are coming home from WWII? Groovy.

  • July 13th: Goth/Punk! If you aren’t wearing all black, well that’s fine because pastel goth is a valid counterculture and we WILL respect it!

  • July 14th: Zodiac! Will you paint yourself into a sea goat? Or leave it at applying your Bite cosmetics Aquarius purple lipstick with a neutral eye? You decide.

  • July 15th: Fantasy/Sci Fi! Resistance is futile. But I swear by my pretty floral bonnet that this will be the best way to end the celebrations.

For more details on the 9th anniversary celebrations and competitions, read this post.


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